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Who we are

Bela Translation Limited is a Beijing-based language service provider. We offer quality services to customers worldwide to help them enter the Asian markets. With our accumulative expertise, utilization of the state of the art translation memory, localization and DTP tools, and contrivance of efficient work flow, you can obtain fast, excellent and cost-effective language services. Our rich experiences have enabled us to provide highly specialized translations in a wide spectrum of subjects: advertising, engineering, automotive, software&hardware localization and documentation, web localization, finance, legal, promotion, technology, telecommunications, and a bunch of others!


Based on translators with extensive industry experiences, Bela Translation Limited provides language productions of technical, IT-related, financial and legal documents, books, manuals, advertising materials, software and hardware localization and documentation, working in nearly all data processing formats. This wide range of materials gives us numerous experiences in many fields and adds a new comparative advantage to our services.


Our language productions are not only technically accurate, but are also rendered with the fluency and natural idiom that only a native speaker can command. More importantly, our output is culturally correct - written in a native style acceptable to the local users and ever mindful of the cultural environment of local users.


Our professional linguists and software experts with rich experiences in language and IT are honoured to help you smooth the communication between different languages. That is our paramount target and why we are here for you.


Our aim is to become an extension of our clients' organizations by

  • establishing long-term strategic partnerships

  • offering fast, high quality and cost-efficient language services

  • constructing a mutually rewarding business relationship with our partners

For that quality and professional services, you will find that we conduct a very competitive quotation that is based on the relative low human capital in China. So you will find a cutting edge from our services in both the quality and the rates.

Based on our thorough experiences, technology and knowledge in localization, we have designed and developed a special l10n tool, that is, LocShifter 3.0. With LocShifter 3.0, you can easily switch the software between different language versions without any restarts. That means you can simultaneously work on different  language versions of the same software. So the operational performances and the efficiencies are greatly improved. And the training cost and support is drastically decreased.

Look forward to working with you on your projects!

What We Do

 We offer one-stop language solution for Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Korean and other Southeast Asia languages. Our services cover:

      Software Localization            More...--->

       Web Localization                    More...--->

       Engineering & testing              More...--->

       Desktop/online Publishing       More...--->

       Web Design                            More...--->

You can also choose to gain the following services:

       Translation and Interpretation



       Multimedia etc

Our services are strongly supported by experts in software developing, engineering and DTP and the language resources accumulated from our long years of localization projects. Trados enabled translation and TM is also available.


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Who We Are

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