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Web Localization Service

Web localization, which aims to present a worldwide presence on the Web, requires far more than the translation of an existing Web into another language. Such factors as the use of images, logos, expressions, colors, and metaphors must be carefully analyzed. Furthermore, the text itself needs to be adapted and localized by the traditions and practices of the applied areas to suit the target market, a specific locale, hence the concept of localization.

Through its proprietary globalization process, our translation ensures that such requirements are taken into account in every step of a Web site localization which, typically, follows the process summarized below:

  •  Web localization project analysis

  •  Project planning and scheduling

  •  Glossary and terminology development

  •  Localization of editable text

  •  Editing of graphics, buttons, and images

  •  Engineering and testing

  •  Thorough Quality Assurance process

  •  Client review

  •  Implementation of client changes

  •  Final QA

  •  Delivery of the localized web and translation memory

  •  On-going content management and updates

Our major purpose is making the process of your web site migrating to the target market as easy as possible. Our localization team will work in very close cooperation with our clients in order to control the quality and efficiency of the web localization.


 Web Localization Service



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