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What is Software L10n

Software localization means the process in which a software program is adapted to a specific locale, that is, to its language, culture traditions, local standards and norms as well as to the demands, requirements  and expectations of a target market. Meanwhile, a perfectly localized software meets all the legal requirements of the local/target markets.

Under the help of the successfully localized software, the local users can work  interactively with the PC in their own language and in a setting that is natural to them. This means, for instance, that all User Interfaces, tips and messages are in their own language, that they can input names, addresses, dates, and other data in the same way they would write them down on paper, that they can freely use their standard keyboard characters wherever an entry can be made, and that any error messages and online help and printed manuals are comprehensible to them rather than representing American geek speak.

Our Quality Localization Service

Software localization mainly includes language production, DTP and Engineering.

 A typical localization projects may involve

  • Evaluation & consultation

  • Double-byte coding of software

  • Translation of user interfaces, documents and online help

  • Engineering, building and debugging

  • Usability testing

  • Web designing and updates

  • CD-ROM production

  • Printing

To help you win a leading position at the scratch line, our excellent and experienced linguists, software experts and professional DTPists all work here to implement your software localization. Besides the above, perfect and elaborated Project Management (PM) and localization tools are applied to guarantee the l10n quality.

At Bela Translation Limited, top quality localization services are offered with minimized costs and speedy delivery. In order to guarantee the localization quality, a professional project team will be established by booking experts from the specific fields related to your software. Each localization project will be conducted by such a team. Each team will be constantly informed of all the information and instructions necessary to make the l10n perfect. This contact keeps on till the delivery and updates of your l10n project.

L10n Process


From our past experiences, a typical PM process is defined as follow:




What is Software L10n

Our Quality Localization Service

Localization Process


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