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Why Need a Website

A website serves as an information platform and/or an infrastructure for E-Business of all organizations. It aims to offer all necessary product data and service details to users and web visitors. URL is considered to be the Network Trademark and components of the intangible assets while web site is used as the important business information source.

A web site, in fact, becomes part of an overall marketing strategy and shows to the outsiders an organization's overall image and culture. It is widely considered to be an extension of their current business, making it more convenient for customers to do business or learn about their services.

Nowadays, the Internet is used by more and more people to:

  • Shop

  • Plan Vacations

  • Research Mortgages

  • Research colleges

  • Find and research services

  • Look for houses to buy

  • Find a Doctor

  • Get advice

  • Make a friend

  • Business networking

And the web visitors are not just young professionals and teens anymore. Almost everyone, from grandparents to young children, are surfing the Web.

From above, you can see that a Web site can keep providing you with the opportunities to reach those customers.

And your advertising budget! What are you monthly paying fees for print or radio ads? A Web site is a value adding tool to your ads. By publishing your Web site address on EVERYTHING, you are inviting potential clients to learn more about your products or services.

What's most important! A Web site can display as many photos of your products and/or services and as much text as you need. They are all dependent on your decisions. You need not to care about the word or size or time limits defined in print or radio ad. Think of it as a brochure without the printing and mailing fees!

Beyond that, with today's technology you can use a Web site to sell your product for real money, make reservations or gather potential customer information.

What makes your web site a quality and efficient one?

  • The Web Site Design Style
    Web site design styles are changing quickly. It had better follow the current trends to keep attractive.

  • The first impression
    In today's market, with Web sites out there for everything, you need to make yours work with the first impression.

  • The Detailed information
    Put Who? What? Where? When? and Why? on your first screen, balanced with attractive graphics and easy navigation to pages with more information.

  • Easy navigation
    Easy navigation is key and cannot be mentioned enough. Your visitors need to be able to move among pages without searching for navigation links. A site with poor will make your visitors frustrated and ultimately lose potential customers and business.

  • Handy Contact
    Finally --- always provide a contact way for your visitors! ALWAYS have an email link and phone number displayed on each page.

Our help in website design

In designing web site, the following questions should be covered:

  • What type of business does the web site belong to?

  • Who are your users and audiences?

  • How to target your customers?

  • What is the market for your product or service?

  • Others, etc.

You can use the common search engines to explore your industry. Try to find out what other companies are offering and how they are marketing themselves.

We will help you develop a custom website which is designed to showcase your presence on the web. Our web site development fees include a one-time submission to some of the most popular search engines in the world.

Please be aware that prices may be different (higher or lower) depending upon the extent and complexity of your graphic image design requirements and need for specialized software development.

We also provide customized web database design and software development using PHP and MySQL.

Please feel free to
email us or contact us anytime to discuss further. We look forward to working with you and wish your online business successful.


Why Need a Website

What Makes Web Site Quality and Efficient

Our help in Website Design


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