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Why Need Globalization and Localization?

Besides that the globalised or localized products will have an easier market penetration, the following world language statistical facts may also help to justify the necessity of globalization and localization. 

  • "Web users are up to four times more likely to purchase from a site that communicates in the customer's language" (

  • "Site stickiness is doubled when a web site is translated - visitors stay for twice as long" (Forrester Research)

  • "There are approximately 172 million English speakers and 163 million non-English speakers online" (Global Reach)

  • "37 million Americans do not speak English at home" (US Department of Health)  

  • "By 2004, 50% of all-online sales are expected to occur outside the US" (Forrester Research)

  • "50.4% of Web Users speak a native language other than English" (Global Reach)

  • "Over 100 million people access the Internet in a language other than English" (Global Reach)

  • "Almost one-third of web sites are presented in a language other than English" (Messaging Online)

The advantages from globalization and localization includes:

  • Enlargement in the potential customers. This is because users tend to buy the products and services localized into their own languages.

  • Reduce in the training cost and support services. After globalization and localization, the products can be used more easily and quickly. Consequently, less training and support will be required.

  • Enhancement in the users' confidences. The globalization and localization implemented by the manufacturers presents the consideration of the benefits for the local users, so the users will be more confident in their future gains from their investment in localized products and services.

  • Buildup of the products' competition. This may be the most important advantage from globalization and localization. When others things being equal, the localized products may mean improvements in the performances and functions based on  the local language supports. Thus, a beneficial cutting edge forms against its similar products.

Explore the Asian Markets

 Wish to introduce your services and products to Asia, an area with  more than one third of the global population? If yes, we can help you on that aspect. China, for example, has  become the most important market in Asia, with its nearly 11% share of the  global GDP and 20% of the world population. China's development and  growth rate explodes at a yearly average of more than 10% for the past  10 years. Nearly every Fortune 500 Corporation places a business  emphasis on China in the long-term strategy. After China's accession to WTO, a worldwide transfer of investment and manufacturing to China is  forming its shape.

One key to enter this massive market and take the wonderful opportunities is localization of your services and products. It is as simple as that!


Why Need Globalization and Localization

 Explore the Asian Markets

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