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What is LocShifter 3.0?

LocShifter 3.0 is an translation application designed to implement the software localization among languages quickly and easily. With LocShifter, you can switch your software swiftly from one language to another. It can be integrated into nearly all  kinds of software, from a large-sized ERP to a very small plugin,  without special configuration.

LocShifter 3.0 now supports Win32, including Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP, and Linux. Accordingly, LocShifter has two versions: LocShifter 3.0 (win) and LocShifter 3.0 (Linux). Each has its language pairs. And it can be customized to meet all of your special requirements, including the special operation environment and the specific language pairs. All messages and all the displayed contents of your software can be switched into the target languages.

With LocShifter3.0, your software and its source code
is in minimum or no risk of disclosing.

With LocShifter3.0, the time, complexity and cost
on the necessary development, testing, DTP, deployment and management in the conventional software/web localization and g11n
is completely reduced.

With LocShifter 3.0, you can easily switch
the software between different language versions
without any restarts.

With LocShifter 3.0, you can work
simultaneously on different language versions of
the same software.

Major Features

The LocShifter 3.0 can:

  • support almost all target languages, including 2 byte characters, such as Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Korean etc.

  • run automatically when your software starts (customization needed).

  • put two or more buttons with the word of "Chinese",  "English" or other target language name on your software title bar.

  • enable users to add, delete, or update the translation content by using the Setting button.

  • enable users to switch the software between languages by clicking the buttons with the word of "Chinese ̄, "English" or other target languages names.

  • be easily installed on the client machine and run without special or complicated configuration.

  • be integrated with all kinds of specific dictionaries or localized language packages.

The translation speed of LocShifter 3.0 is estimated at more than 4000 words per second on a base of 90,000 vocabularies. And no apparent speed slowdown is observed when larger vocabularies are tested.  

Basic Operation Principle

The operation principle of LocShifter 3.0 can be best illustrated with the following flowchart. In this example, your software is presumed to be an English version and needs to be localized into a Chinese version.



       All the source language contents, including those from the Menu, dialogues box, strings, interfaces, windows and even icons, can be localized into the target languages with the help of LocShifter 3.0. These sources are expected to be provided,  localized and imported into LocShifter 3.0 beforehand. After importing, you can freely switch the software between different language versions by just clicking the buttons.


       For more details, please email us or contact us.


What is LocShifter 3.0

Major Features

 Basic Operation Principle





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